TED Conference Jet Charter

TED Jet Charter Founded in 1984 as a one off event, the TED Conference expanded annually in 1990. Focusing on Technology, Entertainment and Design (hence the acronym) TED is owned by the non-profit Sapling Foundation with the tagline “ideas worth spreading”. Since its inception, TED has been host to many of the top names in tech as well as a cross section of global leaders. Past presenters include Bill Clinton, Larry Page and Sergey Brin, Richard Dawkins and Bill Gates. In 2005, the leaders of the summit introduced the TED Prize, granting $100,000 to three winners. In 2013 that prize was increased to $1 million. Additionally in 2005, TEDGlobal was founded, providing a more internationally oriented sister conference. TEDGlobal is traditionally held in the UK each summer and provides an international voice to the traditionally North America based conference. A conference that has truly become one of the most respected place for the top minds in the world to convene, there is no equal to TED when it comes to pushing forward thinking and advancements in important technology.

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