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Aero Jet Services offers aircraft management, private jet sales, acquisition assistance, and private jet charter worldwide. We manage one of the largest aircraft charter fleets in the Southwest, with access to thousands of jets through our international network. Gulfstream, Cessna, Learjet, Falcon, Global Express, Challenger, Hawker, Embraer Legacy, and more. Rely on us for a seamless private jet ownership experience and luxury charter jet travel anywhere on the globe.

If you are selling a jet, or wish to buy one, our acquisition consultants can serve as your marketplace experts. If you have a plane you wish to sell, Aero Jet Services can help you find the right buyer. If you are looking for a new or previously owned jet, we can help you locate the ideal aircraft for your requirements.

We are aircraft owners and operators ourselves, and we have actual operational reports for the jets we manage. You can rely on complete and accurate data—and knowledgeable, unbiased advice.

  • We assist you in a smooth and streamlined process.
  • Our real-world operational experience will help you make the best decisions.
  • We have extensive marketing skills, technical knowledge, financial and regulatory expertise.
  • Our available aircraft management services ensure a seamless ownership experience.

Key Questions to Answer


  • Do you fly enough to justify jet ownership?
  • Is leasing a better option?
  • What type of aircraft fits your mission profile?
  • What capabilities, features, and amenities do you need?
  • How can you get the greatest benefit from the lowest investment?
  • Should you seek to offset ownership costs with charter revenue?

Our Aircraft Acquisition experts will help you answer these and other crucial questions. Contact Aero Jet Services today.

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