Private Jet Charter London To Geneva

The largest city in the UK is generously peppered with iconic locations- Big Ben, the River Thames, and the Trafalgar Square. The list is endless. London has plenty to offer, irrespective of your tastes. A worldwide tourism phenomenon, London is a must-visit destination.

Switzerland's Geneva is a global city in the truest sense. The city is home to an astounding number of international organizations, including the UN and the Red Cross. Geneva offers stunning views of the Alps and Jura mountains while being seeped in Bohemian culture.

Moreover, Geneva is the ultimate hub of luxury- jewelers, chocolatiers, boutiques- the city has it all. Not for nothing has Geneva been one of the best cities to live in the world!

In 2018, Geneva welcomed nearly 3.2 million visitors. Bask in Geneva's magic by chartering a private jet. In a private jet London to Geneva’s distance can be covered in 1.5 hours.

Airports in and around London

  • Gloucestershire Airport, EGBJ
  • MoD Boscombe Down Airport, EGDM
  • London Luton Airport, EGGW
  • Bournemouth Airport, EGHH
  • Southampton Airport, EGHI
  • Lasham Airfield, EGHL
  • Shoreham Airport, EGKA
  • London Biggin Hill Airport, EGKB
  • London Gatwick Airport, EGKK
  • London City Airport, EGLC
  • Farnborough Airport, EGLF
  • Blackbushe Airport, EGLK
  • London Heathrow Airport, EGLL
  • Southend Airport, EGMC
  • Lydd Airport, EGMD
  • Cambridge Airport, EGSC
  • London Stansted Airport, EGSS
  • Cranfield Airport, EGTC
  • Oxford (Kidlington) Airport, EGTK
  • Wattisham Airfield, EGUW

Airports in and around Geneva

  • Les Eplatures Airport, LSGC
  • Geneva Cointrin International Airport, LSGG
  • Sion Airport, LSGS
  • Payerne Air Base, LSMP
  • Bern Belp Airport, LSZB
  • Grenchen Airport, LSZG