Private Jet Charter Dublin To Manchester

An private jet is a great way to travel in style and comfort, with a degree of luxury that you can't get on a normal commercial flight. It takes just a few hours to fly from Dublin to Manchester, but with AeroJetServices, you will be there in just over an hour. You'll also enjoy the luxury of your very own personalized jet cabin crew, who will tend to your every need during the flight.

Manchester, the third most populous city in the United Kingdom after London and Birmingham, is known for its industrial heritage. Manchester has been a commercial, scientific, political, and cultural center since the beginning of the 19th century. It is also famous worldwide as the birthplace of Charles Macintosh (the inventor of waterproof fabric), Victoria University (largest single-site university in the United Kingdom), the Bridgewater Canal (the first modern canal, built for industrial transport at the beginning of the Industrial Revolution), and The Beatles.

Manchester is an important commercial center in Northern England. It is well known for its sporting events, including football matches Manchester City vs. Manchester United, rugby league games Wigan Warriors vs. St Helens, or Wigan Warriors vs. Warrington Wolves. Tourists are also attracted by the nightlife, shopping opportunities, and theaters.

The Greater Manchester Built-up Area has a population of 2,553,000 and is the second-most populous urban area in the United Kingdom after London. It includes satellite towns such as Salford (which incorporates The Trafford Centre), Bolton, Bury, Oldham (famous for its indoor market), Rochdale (site of Europe's largest Tesco store), Stockport, Tameside, Trafford (home of the Imperial War Museum North), Wigan, and the cities of Manchester and Salford.

Airports in and around Dublin

  • Dublin Airport, EIDW
  • Casement Air Base, EIME
  • Waterford Airport, EIWF
  • Weston Airport, EIWT

Airports in and around Manchester

  • Birmingham International Airport, EGBB
  • Coventry Airport, EGBE
  • Nottingham Airport, EGBN
  • Manchester Airport, EGCC
  • Robin Hood Doncaster Sheffield Airport, EGCN
  • Liverpool John Lennon Airport, EGGP
  • Blackpool International Airport, EGNH
  • Humberside Airport, EGNJ
  • Barrow Walney Island Airport, EGNL
  • Leeds Bradford Airport, EGNM
  • Warton Aerodrome, EGNO
  • Hawarden Airport, EGNR
  • Durham Tees Valley Airport, EGNV
  • East Midlands Airport, EGNX
  • Anglesey Airport, EGOV
  • DCAE Cosford Air Base, EGWC
  • Leeds East Airport, EGXG