Private Jet Charter Columbus To Las Vegas

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Columbus is the capital of and the largest city in Ohio. The city proper has a population of 860,090 (2013 estimate), making it the 14th largest city in the United States. While traveling from Columbus to Las Vegas, you get to view amazing aerial views of the Grand Canyon.

The most populous city in Nevada is Las Vegas, also known as just Vegas. The most famous thing to do in Las Vegas is a gamble, and there is no shortage of casinos. If you are into shows, then Las Vegas has some of the best entertainment out there. Las Vegas is famous for its bright lights and 24-hour entertainment. Being a tourist, you can enjoy famous spots like the Hoover Dam, the Grand Canyon, and many other amazing landmarks. Las Vegas has a hot desert climate with long, extremely hot summers and short, mild to warm winters. The city enjoys ample sunshine year-round.

Airports in and around Columbus

  • Southwest Georgia Regional Airport, KABY
  • Anniston Regional Airport, KANB
  • Hartsfield Jackson Atlanta International Airport, KATL
  • Columbus Metropolitan Airport, KCSG
  • Dothan Regional Airport, KDHN
  • Fulton County Airport Brown Field, KFTY
  • Middle Georgia Regional Airport, KMCN
  • Montgomery Regional (Dannelly Field) Airport, KMGM
  • Cairns AAF (Fort Rucker) Air Field, KOZR
  • Troy Municipal Airport at N Kenneth Campbell Field, KTOI
  • Jim's Private Airport, US-0086

Airports in and around Las Vegas

  • Boulder City-Lake Mead International Airport, K61B
  • Mesquite International Airport, K67L
  • Desert Rock Airport, KDRA
  • McCarran International Airport, KLAS
  • North Las Vegas Metropolitan International Airport, KVGT