Private Jet Charter Athens To Mykonos

Greece is a country filled with myths and legends. The city of Athens is no different. Cecrops created Athens as the result of a contest among the Gods. The city would be named after the winner who offered the mortals the best gift.

The winning deity would become the city’s patron. This contest was between Poseidon and Athena. Athena’s offer of an Olive tree for peace and prosperity trumped Poseidon’s offer of a horse. Athens was officially named after Athena.

The inspiration for Mykonos came from the son of King Delos. When Hercules fought the Giants, he killed them and threw them away into the sea, where they turned into rocks after petrification. These rocks formed the city of Mykonos.

Both these islands play a crucial role in generating tourism for Greece. A hassle-free way to travel to Mykonos from Athens would be a private jet. So, book yourself a private jet Athens to Mykonos and discover the beauty today!

Airports in and around Athens

  • Eleftherios Venizelos International Airport, LGAV
  • Elefsis Airport, LGEL
  • Mikonos Airport, LGMK
  • Skiathos Island National Airport, LGSK
  • Tanagra Air Base, LGTG

Airports in and around Mykonos

  • Chios Island National Airport, LGHI
  • Mikonos Airport, LGMK
  • Mytilene International Airport, LGMT
  • Samos Airport, LGSM