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Simplify your aircraft purchase or sale; let Aero Jet Services be your trusted private aviation consultant…

  • We will meet with you to discuss your specific expectation, and together we will decide a successful strategy for your aircraft acquisition or sales.
  • With an extensive database our team will search the worldwide market and find an aircraft that meets or exceed your needs.  We will arrange all pre-buy inspections and demonstration flights with the current owners and, upon your approval; we will negotiate the purchases on your behalf.
  • Upon your purchase, Aero Jet Services will be glad to discuss the management options to afford you the most cost effective operations of new aircraft.
  • If, for whatever reason you need to sell your aircraft, Aero Jet Services will devise a marketing strategy that will maximize the return on your investment.

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Trusted Aircraft Consulting Advisors for Worldwide Private Jet Travel Solutions

Business leaders, investment banks and governments around the globe turn to Aero Jet Services as a trusted advisor for the entire range of private aviation issues. They turn to us for strategic planning, aircraft utilization strategies and pre-owned jet market data, gaining insights that lead to wise decisions and generate a positive impact on the organizations they lead.

The sheer scope of Aero Jet Services’s firsthand knowledge of aviation operations around the globe gives us a unique perspective from which to advise our clients. In all facets of business aviation—aircraft charter, and aircraft management, Aero Jet Services sets the standard for the rest of the industry. This leadership and expertise enables us to take a 360-degree view of each client’s executive travel needs, as well as market conditions around the globe.

For over two decades Aero Jet Services has lead the aviation industry as one of the most trusted private aviation consultants.  Utilizing the industries top research and software, coupled with Aero Jet Services honest approach, helps clients in making decisions that anticipate the future while addressing the travel needs of today. Aero Jet Services’s market analysts are frequently consulted by both the general business aviation industry such as Blue Book, Vref and other appraisers, as well as the Wall Street research firms that cover general aviation. We have shared our industry-leading insights with investment firms, government officials, corporations,  corporate flight departments, and many other high profile celebrities/athletes.

Consulting services from Aero Jet Services represent the cumulative wisdom of decades of industry leadership. Interested in learning more about our consulting services? Please use our information request form or contact us at