Charter Flights with Pets

Aero Jet Services knows you love your pets. Our fleet of luxury private jet aircraft allows your pets to travel like the family they are. We can work with you to schedule rest-stops, place toys on board, even have crews assigned that are extra pet-friendly! With a private jet charter, your four-legged family member can join you during your travel without any stress.Commercial airline travel can be difficult on both pet and owner. The headache of dealing with TSA procedures is enough reason to find an alternative solution, but the major problem is that majority of commercial airlines only allow pets to travel in the cargo hold. This can cause animals a lot of undue stress based on the daunting environment change. The risk is higher that your pet could end up in minimal care, become lost, injured or worse!

You and your pet deserve a peaceful, safe and comfortable flight. When you charter a flight with Aero Jet Services, we go above and beyond your expectations, and you can be confident that your pet is not only in good hands, but your hands! We look forward to seeing you and your pet soon!

Here are a few tips when traveling with your pets on-board a private jet:

Schedule a vet appointment-
Remember before you leave to make sure your pet is up to date on all shots and vaccinations. The checkup should also include a general physical examination to check for any signs of illness. Let the veterinarian know about your upcoming travels. We recommend going for their checkup no more than 10 days prior to your trip.

Update your pets ID tags-
Check to make sure your pets tags are up to date and secure on their collars. In the event your dog runs off while on vacation, with the proper ID tag returned with correct contact information.

Pack some friendly reminders-
Make sure to pack a few items to remind your pet of home. It can be overwhelming travelling to a new location. Bringing their favorite toy or dog bowl can leave them with a familiar scent.

Don’t feed your pet TOO much before your departure-
Make sure that you don’t stuff your pet with food or too much water before takeoff. A pet with a full belly aboard an aircraft may vomit from anxiety or travel sickness. Too much food or water can also lead to accidents inside; not a pleasant way to fly.