Gulfstream – G280 – Super Midsize – Private Charter jet

Gulfstream Aerospace Corporation

The Grumman Corporation, a manufacturer of military aircraft, introduced the Grumman Gulfstream I business aircraft to the world in 1959. This was the beginning of the aircraft company now known as Gulfstream.

This new turboprop aircraft was the first of its kind designed for business travel and was a huge success. Two hundred of them sold immediately. This led Grumman to develop the jet powered Grumman Gulfstream GII in the early 1960’s. This was when Grumman separated the company’s civil and military aircraft production lines. In 1966 the civilian part of the company moved to its current location in Savannah, GA. In 1978 the Gulfstream line was sold to American Jet industries and Allen Paulson. After Paulson bought Gulfstream development of the GII became his priority. Production of the GII series ended in 1979. The GIII started deliveries shortly afterwards.

In 1982 Paulson bought Rockwell International’s aviation making Gulfstream the world’s largest manufacturer of private jets. 1985 Paulson sold Gulfstream to Chrysler, then bought it back in 1990 with the help of a venture capital company named Forstman- Little. One of Paulson’s visions was to develop the world’s first supersonic corporate jet. Gulfstream entered a partnership with a Soviet aircraft manufacturer named Sukhoi to do this along with designing successor aircraft. The partnership with Sukhoi fell through and plans for the supersonic corporate jet were shelved. The plans for successor aircraft were not. The GIV and GIV-SP followed the GIII. The GV, the first ultra-long range business jet, was introduced in 1992. It was certified in 1997 and entered service ahead of its closest competitor, the Global Express.

Paulson retired and sold Gulfstream to Forstman- Little in 1992. General Dynamics Aviation Services bought Gulfstream in the late 1990’s then renamed itself Gulfstream in 2011.

Gulfstream then acquired Galaxy Aerospace in 2001. The purchase of Galaxy also included the Astra SPX and Galaxy aircraft. In 2002 Gulfstream rebranded its production aircraft. The Astra SPX became the G100 and the Galaxy became the G200. The GIV-SP became the G300 and G400; the GV became the G500 and G550. Later on the G300 and G400 would be redesigned so the cockpit areas would be stretched to the same size and contain the same components as the cockpit in the G500 and G550. This made the Gulfstream manufacturing process more efficient. This allowed any assembly line to produce any of the aircraft. The G300 and G400 with the new cockpit design became the G350 and G450.

Israel Aircraft Industries manufactures the G100, G150, G200 and G280 aircraft for Gulfstream. They are then flown as “green” aircraft to a Gulfstream Completion facility stateside for finish.

Gulfstream G250

Designed by Gulfstream and built by Israel Aircraft Industries, the G250 is a replacement for the venerable G200, the G250 was publically announced at the NBAA convention in October 2008, although it was one of the worst kept secrets in recent memory. First flight was accomplished on December 11, 2009. Certification is expected in Israel by 2011 with first deliveries that same year. The G250 is a complete new certification, not a modified G200.

A PlaneView 250 Avionics Suite, based on the Rockwell Collins Pro Line Fusion suite is standard. The G250 is also available with a Heads Up Display (HUD).

IAI and Gulfstream removed the G200’s aft-fuselage fuel tank enabling a bigger cabin and access to the aft baggage from in flight. The G250 seats 8-10 passengers and is equipped with a lavatory and a galley.

Also, all the fuel is now contained in the wing. And, another benefit of the new wing versus the G200’s wing are shorter take-off distances. Auto braking comes as standard. Honeywell HTF7350G engines provide 7,445 pounds of thrust each.

Gulfstream renamed the G250, the G280, in 2011 to better the appeal to some Asian customers.

Max Range At Long Range Cruise

Ferry Range: 3,690 NM
Seats Full Range: 3,387 NM

Engine Installation

Manufacturer: Honeywell
Model: HTF 7250G
Installed on A/C: 2

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