Lear 40

6 Passenger Seating, Enclosed Lavatory, Hot Galley, Airshow 400, Entertainment Center W/Flat Screen Monitors, Iridium Satellite Phone, External Baggage

The Learjet 40BR is quite a contender in the competitive private jet market. Its cruise speed, cabin space, and technological advancements are greater than other light private jets. It has excellent range/payload flexibility and climbs quickly to elevations far above most air traffic and bad weather.


Floor Plan:



Lear 40BR Interior

This super light cabin is highly competitive in its class. It stretches to a length of 17.7 feet, a width of 5.1 feet, and a height of 4.9 feet, totaling a cabin volume of 363 cubic feet.  A typical configuration seats six passengers in a club plus two arrangements. The external baggage compartment can store 50 cubic feet of baggage and there is an additional 15 cubic feet interior storage, a forward closet, and refreshment center.

The Learjet 40BR charter jet also performs well while in the air. Its average can cruise as fast as 453 ktas (.81 Mach). It can fly up to 1,617 nautical miles nonstop and take off in 5,090 feet at high altitudes. Even when loaded to its maximum takeoff weight of 21,000 pounds, it can take off in just 4,680 feet from a sea level runway. It takes 15 minutes to climb to FL370.

Cabin Specifications

  • Passenger seats: 6
  • Range (Hours): 4
  • Cabin Height: 4 ft 9 inch
  • Cabin Width: 5 ft 1 inch
  • Microwave
  • Airshow 400
  • Enclosed Lavatory
  • CD/DVD Player
  • Iridium Satellite Phone