Lear 35A

Learjet 35 executive jets an enduring favorite among business travelers that demand performance and comfort.

The Lear 35 is one of a series of highly successful twin-engine executive jets produced by Bombardier. Like its predecessors and subsequent variants, it is one of the fastest light jets on the market, boasting cruise speeds that exceed 530 mph.

As one of the most wildly popular executive jets of its day, the Lear 35 enjoyed a production run that spanned more than two decades (1973-94). Part of that has to do with its uncanny range. The 35A, which replaced the Lear 35 in 1976, can fly 1,786 nautical miles non-stop. It can easily handle charter flights from Chicago to Phoenix without refueling.



  • CLASS:                      Light Jet
  • SEATING:                   6-7/10
  • CLIMB RATE:              4760 fpm
  • LAVATORY:                  belted potty
  • CRUISE SPEED:         488 mph
  • CABIN DIMENSIONS   4.30 x 4.90 x 12.90 
  • MAXIMUM RANGE      1924 mi
  • MAX PAYLOAD: 5000 lb   
  • CRUISE ALTITUDE       43000 ft
  • CD/DVD Player
  • Iridium Satellite Phone
  • Mini Galley

Floor Plan:

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