Falcon 2000 Scottsdale Jet Charter


The optimization of a proven platform on
One of the world’s favorite Falcons.
More than 550 Falcon 2000 series aircraft are in service today

Robust, ultra cost-effective and super capable, this is one of the most popular and successful Falcons ever. The Falcon 2000LXS is the latest iteration of the Falcon 2000 which is still in production due to the platform’s many significant strengths.

Falcon 2000

The Falcon 2000 offers speed, comfort, and convenience, all rolled into one. Whether for business or pleasure,  10 passengers can enjoy numerous amenities aboard, all while reaching their destination in a timely fashion. Jet to Hawaii from Scottsdale, and explore all that the Pacific has to offer—from Maui this charter jet can fly non stop to scenic Tahiti , the largest island in French Polynesia, the South Pacific archipelago. Enjoy flexible travel that caters to your every traveling need with the Falcon 2000.

Amenities Include:

  • Seating for 10 Passengers
  • Four Place Conference Grouping
  • Sleeping Configuration for 2-4 Passengers
  • Full Forward Galley
  • Convection Oven
  • Complimentary Gogo Avance L5 4G Wifi –  Surf, stream, talk, text, email
  • Dvd/CD/iPod
  • Cabin Hostess

Cabin Layout and Specifications

  • Cabin Height: 6.2ft
  • Width 7.8ft
  • Length 26.17ft
  • Baggage – Interior: 131cu. ft