Falcon 2000S Charter Jet

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Falcon 2000S – June 2014

10 Passengers

The Falcon 2000S outperforms the competition on virtually every level of performance, flexibility, agility, and economy. This exceptional aircraft combines the power and discipline of a fighter jet with four decades of business jet leadership. With its certified altitude of 47,000 ft and its power to climb directly to 41,000 ft, the Falcon 2000S takes you above most traffic and weather. And it can fly 3,350 nm nonstop. Due to its excellent short field capabilities, you can take off and land at smaller, more convenient airports.

The Falcon 2000S cabin gives you the luxury of generous space, abundant natural light and welcome quiet. And an interior designed by BMW Group DesignWorksUSA. The quality of the supple leathers, polished veneers and soft carpeting create an interior space that feels as good as it looks. This cabin is also more comfortable than any other in its class. Which means you can relax over a fine meal served from your full galley, or work in your airborne office that is just as connected and equipped as the one you’re used to. Read more about Falcon Jet

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