Private Jet Charter Zurich

Zurich isn't only about finance and shopping - this charming Swiss city located on the northern tip of Lake Zurich is also vibrant, artistic and fun. The city is home to the world's largest stock exchange, making it the hub of banking, but it's also the birthplace of the avante garde Dadaist movement. Aside from chic boutiques and big business, the city also boasts the magnificent Museum of Fine Arts, where one of the most extensive art collections in Europe are displayed. Here you'll find art treasures ranging from 15th Century religious pieces to masterpieces by Picasso, Cezanne, Salvador Dali, Monet, Gaugin, David Hockney and Munch.

The city's historic side is also worth exploring and you'll find many old buildings and churches in the Old Town, with its ancient cobbled streets. In fact, Zurich is a joy to explore on foot. Stroll around the quays with their pretty promenades, and enjoy magnificent views of the lake. Then enjoy people-watching from an assortment of excellent sidewalk cafes.

And let's not forget the chocolate. Swiss chocolate is world famous, and you can pick up excellent souvenirs to take home with you, as well as get an opportunity to savour free samples at some chocolate factories.

Although the Swiss are renowned for their precision, that doesn't mean that they don't enjoy a good party. After dark, the city comes alive and you can enjoy some fun, good food and great music at an assortment of bars, nightclubs and restaurants around the city. In the summer months, Zurich is full of lively street parades and festivals. In fact, the city now hosts one of the biggest public festivals in Europe, the Street Parade.

Airports in and around Zurich

  • Les Eplatures Airport, LSGC
  • Alpnach Air Base, LSMA
  • Dübendorf Air Base, LSMD
  • Mollis Airport, LSMF
  • Payerne Air Base, LSMP
  • Bern Belp Airport, LSZB
  • Grenchen Airport, LSZG
  • Zürich Airport, LSZH
  • St Gallen Altenrhein Airport, LSZR
  • Samedan Airport, LSZS