Private Jet Charter Venice

This romantic city of canals is one of the most famous, and most beautiful cities in Europe. With its charming piazzas, gliding gondolas, strange old buildings and palaces, not to mention its magnificent art treasures hidden in art galleries, museums and churches, Venice is a city that will charm you. In fact, Venice is one of those cities that one has to visit time and again, to enjoy its magic and romance.

Wander through the maze of narrow streets linked to each other by arched bridges over its myriad canals - the city is located on 116 islands on the Venice Lagoon right at the northern end of the Adriatic Sea. It is these endless waterways and tiny streets that make Venice so magical and unique.

Venice is full of ancient history. Since the 12th Century, this beautiful old city's six districts have been divided by the Grand Canal, with three on each bank. In the main square of San Marco you'll find the majestic Basilica di San Marco and the famous Rialto Bridge. Then, right next to the square you'll find Arsenale, home to the Giardini, one of the man locations for the city's famous international Art Biennale.

There's also the very popular Campo Santa Margherita, where people enjoy a lively nightlife in the many bars and restaurants. To explore the city and get a completely different perspective, cruise the waterways on board the motorboat buses called vaporetti. Alternatively, take a gondola ride for a taste of Italian romance.

Airports in and around Venice

  • Trento-Mattarello Airport, LIDT
  • Bolzano Airport, LIPB
  • Cervia Air Base, LIPC
  • Bologna Guglielmo Marconi Airport, LIPE
  • Treviso-Sant'Angelo Airport, LIPH
  • Rivolto Air Base, LIPI
  • Forlì Airport, LIPK
  • Brescia Airport, LIPO
  • Trieste–Friuli Venezia Giulia Airport, LIPQ
  • Istrana Air Base, LIPS
  • Padova Airport, LIPU
  • Verona Villafranca Airport, LIPX
  • Venice Marco Polo Airport, LIPZ