Private Jet Charter Tel Aviv

Tel Aviv, as a tourists destination, is full of luxury and glamour. It is now possible to make a trip on a private jet like never before. Most people think having the option of flying privately only is a bonus, as it is reserved for celebrities or VIP members. This option made it possible for more people to go around the world in a blink of an eye, in style and with the best comforts.

Tel Aviv is known for its beautiful beaches, bars, and fine hotels. It is a city that lives the nightlife to the fullest and has become a massive attraction for people who seek nightlife all year long.

Famous tourists attractions in Tel Avi are the beach, boardwalk, and a lot of hotels. Everyone can decide to take a walk on the famous Tel Aviv boardwalk in the evening after they finish their business meetings or sightseeing tours. Luxury boutique hotels have been around for centuries, serving customers from all over the world.

Private jet charter by AeroJetServices is representative of luxury travel at its highest level. Once people experience it, they are already hooked to it. The aerial views while traveling to Tel Aviv on the private jet flight are magnificent. In addition, you can experience historical architecture or nature that is iconic to the location.

Airports in and around Tel Aviv

  • Ben Gurion International Airport, LLBG
  • Tel Nof Air Base, LLEK
  • Haifa International Airport, LLHA
  • Ben Ya'akov Airport, LLIB
  • Bar Yehuda Airfield, LLMZ
  • Nevatim Air Base, LLNV