Private Jet Charter Stockholm

Located on the shores of the Baltic Sea, the capital of Sweden, Stockholm is a city of contrasts, with a charming Old Town full of ancient alleyways, waterways linking 14 separate islands together, lush parklands, and a modern side where the citys' heart beats in numerous restaurants, nightclubs and bars. In summer, the sun literally never sets, and the city is a lush oasis, while in the winter months, Stockholm's charm lies in its frozen lakes and snow-capped buildings.

Year-round, Stockholm beckons for visitors to come and enjoy its culture, nightlife that continues almost till dawn, dramatic Nordic scenery and vibrant, pulsating heart. Because of its unique personality, Stockholm is a very popular tourist destination, but that's not the only reason people flock here: its cultural scene is excellent, and aside from numerous exhibitions, concerts and museums, Stockholm's medieval architecture adds to its initimable charm.

Of course, Stockholm is also the country's design capital, and you'll find ultra-modern high rise buildings, sleek museums and a number of fashion houses located here. Residents are renowned for being trendy, chic, daring and willing to take risks, especially in the world of fashion and technology. The city is also very environmentally friendly - after all, Stockholm is one third water, one third lush open spaces and one third buildings. And this results in one of the cleanest cities in the world!

Airports in and around Stockholm

  • Malmen Air Base, ESCF
  • Karlskoga Airport, ESKK
  • Stockholm Skavsta Airport, ESKN
  • Björkvik Air Base, ESKX
  • Örebro Airport, ESOE
  • Stockholm Västerås Airport, ESOW
  • Stockholm-Arlanda Airport, ESSA
  • Stockholm-Bromma Airport, ESSB
  • Linköping City Airport, ESSL
  • Norrköping Airport, ESSP
  • Eskilstuna Airport, ESSU
  • Visby Airport, ESSV