Private Jet Charter Palma

Palma or Palma de Mallorca is the capital city of the Spanish island of Mallorca in the Mediterranean. The city is popular for its limestone mountains, wineries, breathtaking beaches, and Spanish architecture.

Palma is home to the massive Santa Maria cathedral that overlooks the Bay of Palma. This major holiday destination is rich with cultural heritage inherited from various communities. It includes the moors, Catholics, and Romans.

It lies in a large bay on the southwest coast of Mallorca. The city has a pleasant temperature throughout the year. You can visit the central Mayor Plaza that serves as the city's main social and cultural hub.

The city is also filled with restaurants, shopping centers, bats, and street artists. You can visit Palma's Old Town with cobblestone alleyways and historical landmarks. Charter a private jet to Palma and see for yourself what this city has to offer.

Airports in and around Palma

  • Ibiza Airport, LEIB
  • Menorca Airport, LEMH
  • Palma De Mallorca Airport, LEPA