Private Jet Charter Oslo

The capital of Norway and its largest city, Oslo is located at the end of a 100km-long fjord. The city is a magical place, rich in folklore, full of culture and with a fascinating Viking history. It's also the base from which to explore some of Norway's most beautiful areas, from forests and lakes to hiking trails.

The city itself is a sophisticated place, full of many nightclubs, restaurants, cafes and trendy boutiques. It's a charming mix of old buildings and modern architecture, and boasts a number of excellent museums, art galleries and other places worth visiting, including the fascinating Edward Munch Museum, Vigeland Park, home to a series of extraordinary sculptures, and the medieval Akershus Fortress that dominates the city's seafront.

One doesn't expect a city at the northern end of the world to be so modern and innovative, but Oslo is all of these things, a lively place offering late night shopping, crowded restaurants and cafes, and a variety of sports, including swimming, skiing and hiking, depending on the weather. In the city itself, old buildings rub shoulders with futuristic treasures like the new Opera House in Bjorvika and the pretty Rococo building that is home to Norway's National Theatre is not only worth visiting for its architectural beauty; it's also worth seeing a performance of Hedda Gabler in the original language and setting while you're there.

A popular excursion is to explore the scenic fjords that stretch out from the city, but the city itself is a unique place with lots of activities. It sprawls out from a compact city centre around the various quays all the way to forests on the sides of the surrounding hills.

Airports in and around Oslo

  • Fagernes Airport, Leirin, ENFG
  • Oslo Gardermoen Airport, ENGM
  • Notodden Airport, ENNO
  • Moss Airport, Rygge, ENRY
  • Skien Airport, ENSN
  • Sandefjord Airport, Torp, ENTO