Private Jet Charter Murcia

For some unspoilt magic and beautiful untouched beaches, head for Murcia. Located between the more popular resorts of Almeria in the south and Valencia's Costa Blanca in the north, the area is one of Spain's best kept secrets. The name Murcia derives from the Latin word Murtae, which means mulberry, and the town was so-named because of its silkworm industry that thrived until long after the Second World War. Silkworms feed on mulberry leaves, and silk was produced here until man-made fibres became more sought-after.

Murcia boasts 250km of unspoilt coastline, called La Costa Calida, or Balmy Coast - the name probably relates to the fact that the weather is gloriously warm, and the area offers over 3 000 hours of sunshine every year. Then there is the stunning scenery - endless stretches of beaches and tiny covers offering so many opportunities to laze in the sun and enjoy the sand and the sea.

The area's busy capital is also named Murcia and this charming university town boasts a lovely cathedral. The town itself has been in existence for centuries - it was originally founded in 831 and its Moorish ancestry is still evident to this day. In fact, about 5km outside of Murcia town important architectural remains were discovered and many of the items uncovered during excavations are now on display at the Santa Clara Museum. The town itself is home to numerous architectural treasures, including the 18th Century Episcopal Palace and the 14th Century Cathedral. And there are numerous churches to explore, including the 16th Century Church of La Merced and the Santa Ana Convent Church.

There are many picturesque parts of Murcia including Plaza de las Flores and the districts of San Pedro and Santa Catalina. And the town's excellent museums offer a wealth of treasures. The best is the Murcia Archaeological Museum, with a variety of treasures, including Moorish and Christain coins, the Fine Arts Museum, the Craft Centre and the Bullfighting Museum.

Airports in and around Murcia

  • Albacete Airport / Los Llanos Air Base, LEAB
  • Alicante International Airport, LEAL
  • Almería International Airport, LEAM
  • San Javier Airport, LELC
  • Alcantarilla Air Base, LERI
  • Región de Murcia International Airport, RMU