Private Jet Charter Moscow

Moscow, the capital city and the largest city of Russia, is a charming city in Central Russia. This beautiful city lies on the Moskva River, with the largest metropolitan area in Europe.

Moscow was the political and economic center of Tsardom of Russia. When the Tsardom reformed into the Russian Empire, Saint Peterburg became the capital. However, Moscow became the capital of Russian SFSR and then the Soviet Union after the October Revolution.

The city holds the history of the country dating back to eight centuries. Now, it is the cultural, economic, and scientific hub of Russia and Eastern Europe.

It is also home to one of the largest financial centers in Europe, The Moscow International Business Center. This city serves as the historic core of Russia with numerous UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Charter a private jet to Moscow to explore this coldest megacity and one of the world's fastest-growing tourist destinations.

Airports in and around Moscow

  • Kubinka Air Base, RU-0764
  • Myachkovo Airport, UUBM
  • Zhukovsky International Airport, UUBW
  • Domodedovo International Airport, UUDD
  • Sheremetyevo International Airport, UUEE
  • Migalovo Air Base, UUEM
  • Ostafyevo International Airport, UUMO
  • Tretyakovo Airport, UUMT
  • Chkalovskiy Air Base, UUMU
  • Yermolino Air Base, UUWE
  • Vnukovo International Airport, UUWW