Private Jet Charter Manchester

Mention Manchester and football springs to mind, for this city in the northwest of England is home to Manchester United and Manchester City, tw of the most famous football teams in the world. But there is a lot more to Manchester than just football. In fact, this vibrant city is a very young, exciting, bustling city, equally famous for its music scene

In Victorian times, Manchester was famous for being the birthplace of rail travel and the place where the Rolls Royce was created. The city, which is just 48km from Liverpool (where another famous football team is located!) has rid itself of its drab exterior and is now full of museums, art galleries, lush parks and gardens, shops, restaurants and markets, and some very eye-catching modern buildings, many of which are found in the Millennium Quarter, and offer a charming contrast to the Victorian buildings alongside them.

As two of the largest universities in the United Kingdom are located in Manchester, it also boasts a lively student community, who create a youthful buzz. The city continues its legendary sporting prowess with the opening of the National Football Museum in 2012 and the construction of the spectacular Ethiad Stadium, where a number of sports highlights will be held.

Airports in and around Manchester

  • Birmingham International Airport, EGBB
  • Coventry Airport, EGBE
  • Nottingham Airport, EGBN
  • Manchester Airport, EGCC
  • Robin Hood Doncaster Sheffield Airport, EGCN
  • Liverpool John Lennon Airport, EGGP
  • Blackpool International Airport, EGNH
  • Humberside Airport, EGNJ
  • Barrow Walney Island Airport, EGNL
  • Leeds Bradford Airport, EGNM
  • Warton Aerodrome, EGNO
  • Hawarden Airport, EGNR
  • Durham Tees Valley Airport, EGNV
  • East Midlands Airport, EGNX
  • Anglesey Airport, EGOV
  • DCAE Cosford Air Base, EGWC
  • Leeds East Airport, EGXG