Private Jet Charter Hong Kong

Known as the gateway to China, Hong Kong is one of the world's most important financial and business centers. This territory is home to just under 7 million people and has a land mass of only 425 square miles. Located on the eastern side of the Pearl River Delta, bordering the Guangdong province in the northern region of mainland China, Hong Kong has been a leading trading port since the 19th century and main center for commerce and industry to this day.

Because of its thriving free-market economy and low taxation, Hong Kong continues to be an important center for international finance and trade. Until the 1970s, the region's wealth came from industrial and manufacturing. Since then, Hong Kong's economy has been primarily fueled by the service and financial industries.

Airports in and around Hong Kong

  • Bhatinda Air Force Station, VIBT
  • Safdarjung Airport, VIDD
  • Indira Gandhi International Airport, VIDP
  • Hissar Airport, VIHR