Private Jet Charter Geneva

This lovely Swiss lakeside city is home to a number of international organisations because of its neutrality, including the International Red Cross, the World Health Organisation and the European office of the United Nations. Geneva is located on the southern edges of Lake Geneva, called Lac Leman locally, with a magnificent backdrop of Alpine peaks. It's also the most cosmopolitan city in Switzerland, and one of the richest. An important centre of banking, it's a luxury destination with more than it's fair share of exquisite mansions, designer yachts, exclusive boutiques, chauffeur-driven limousines and sumptuous hotels and restaurants.

Geneva is also a cultural hotspot, offering visitors a selection of excellent museums and art galleries to peruse. And it's the base from which to explore some superb Swiss ski resorts… But before you head off to enjoy a jetset ski holiday, take time out to enjoy the many sights on offer here, including the most powerful water fountain in Europe, the Jet d'Eau, which shoots water 140m into the air from the end of a pier.

Because of the many international countries who have offices in the city, Geneva is full of a melting pot of cultures, and this creates a cosmopolitan flavour. For this reason, many people mistakenly think Geneva is the Swiss capital.

Airports in and around Geneva

  • Les Eplatures Airport, LSGC
  • Geneva Cointrin International Airport, LSGG
  • Sion Airport, LSGS
  • Payerne Air Base, LSMP
  • Bern Belp Airport, LSZB
  • Grenchen Airport, LSZG