Private Jet Charter Copenhagen

Copenhagen is a charming city, known for its cafe society, welcoming people, stunning design and fashion stores. Yet despite being so modern and vibrant, it's also very historic. It's been capital of Denmark for almost six centuries, and it's also home to the oldest monarchy in the world. To add to its list of achievements, it's the largest city in Scandinavia. Yet Copenhagen somehow has kept its small-town charm.

Copenhagen was the home of the famous author Hans Christian Anderson, whose fairytales are still loved to this day. And when you visit this exquisite city, you can understand what inspired his stories it really is a special place.

The city itself is located right on the water, and one area, called Christianshavn, is full of canals. Overlooking the pretty harbour is the famous statue of the Little Mermaid, and there's another unique side to the city: Copenhagen is full of lush green belts, exquisite parks like the famous Tivoli Gardens where locals and visitors can relax. You'll notice, too, that much of Copenhagen is pedestrianised, and as the city enforces very strict anti-pollution laws, cars are outnumbered by bicycles.

In the heart of the city there are five streets that have merged to create the longest pedestrian mall on earth. And this is where you find a charming mix of historic gabled buildings and modern buildings, all filled with department stores, shops and restaurants.

Airports in and around Copenhagen

  • Aarhus Airport, EKAH
  • Copenhagen Kastrup Airport, EKCH
  • Lolland Falster Maribo Airport, EKMB
  • Odense Airport, EKOD
  • Copenhagen Roskilde Airport, EKRK
  • Bornholm Airport, EKRN