Private Jet Charter Budapest

This bustling Hungarian city is a combination of modern 21st Century buildings and fascinating history. It's a very beautiful place to visit, with a host of ancient historic sights and a lively cafe culture. Since the Cold War came to an end, Prague has transformed itself and become a very popular place to visit, not only because of its architectural treasures, but also because of its scenic beauty.

Prague is also a spa town, so visitors come here to be pampered in hot sulphur baths or enjoy rejuvenating massage therapies that have been offered here since Turkish times. And when you're not enjoying hedonistic pleasures, there is a lot to see and explore, including the view from Gellert Hill, which is also home to the famous Citadella and the Liberation Monument.

Nicknamed the Queen of the Danube, this magnificent city, which is located on both sides of the River Danube, boasts elegant buildings, majestic bridges and beautiful old boulevards lined with trees, full of sidewalk cafes where one can enjoy superb traditional cuisine.

Originally Budapest was two separate cities built on either side of the Danube - Buda and Pest. And these two areas, although they are now joined, are distinctly different in character. Buda is older and more charming, with its cobbled streets, pretty coloured houses and medieval, neo-Classical styles of architecture. Here, on Castle Hill you'll find the Royal Palace, museums and galleries and St Matthias Church. Pest is the city's commercial hub, full of lively shopping areas and wide, leafy boulevards.

Airports in and around Budapest

  • Kalocsa/Foktő Airport, HU-0002
  • Budapest Liszt Ferenc International Airport, LHBP
  • Kecskemét Air Base, LHKE
  • Győr-Pér International Airport, LHPR
  • Szolnok Air Base, LHSN
  • Taszár Air Base, LHTA
  • Tököl Airport, LHTL