Private Jet Charter Brussels

Beautiful Brussels has a charming historic side, hidden behind 14th Century city walls in the old part of the city, as well as a more modern, luxury side with glitzy bars and gastronomic restaurants, and shops selling superb Belgian lace and chocolatiers offering decadently delicious Belgian chocolate like Godiva, Neuhas and the trendy Pierre Marcolini.

At the centre of the medieval Old Town, which has been declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO, you'll find the lovely square called Grand Place, which is lined with ornate Flemish guildhouses and home to the Town Hall. It's been called the most beautiful square in Europe, and is certainly a jewel in Brussels' crown. The best way to really get to know the city is to wander through the side streets here, and find all sorts of hidden gems in the surrounding areas of Royal and Sablon which are full of art galleries and antique stores, flea markets, boutiques and old buildings and further afield in the Art Nouveau district of St Gilles and Ixelles, full of eclectic stores and excellent restaurants.

For a slice of modernity, head for the brand new Magritte Museum, which is a tribute to the Surrealist art movement, something Brussels holds dear. Rene Magritte pioneered this art style, and this is the city's tribute to him. Two other quirks that Brussels has is the city's fascination with the comic strip Tintin, and its most famous landmark, called Manneken-Pis, which is a tiny statue of a little boy urinating.

Airports in and around Brussels

  • Antwerp International Airport (Deurne), EBAW
  • Beauvechain Air Base, EBBE
  • Kleine Brogel Air Base, EBBL
  • Brussels Airport, EBBR
  • Brussels South Charleroi Airport, EBCI
  • Chièvres Air Base, EBCV
  • Koksijde Air Base, EBFN
  • Florennes Air Base, EBFS
  • Wevelgem Airport, EBKT
  • Liège Airport, EBLG
  • Ostend-Bruges International Airport, EBOS