Private Jet Charter Birmingham

Located in the centre of England, Birmingham is the second largest city in the country. Famous for being the place where the Industrial Revolution started, the city is a vibrant place, with lots of modern shopping malls, lively markets and a host of restaurants offering every kind of cuisine.

In Industrial times, Birmingham was one of England's most important manufacturing cities because of the large amounts of coal and iron in the area. Although much of the city was badly decimated by bombing during the Second World War, some of its historic buildings still remain as testament to its industrial importance.

Today Birmingham is known as the country's Canal City, because of its many waterways, which, in fact, number more than one will find in Venice in Italy. The canals, which were built over two centuries ago, were once used to transport iron and coal. Today they're used mainly for recreation, and are an excellent way to explore Birmingham and see the city's many historic buildings, which are now home to a variety of pubs and restaurants, from a different perspective.

The city is also famous for being the birthplace of a number of famous musicians and authors, including JRR Tolkien, author of The Hobbit, and the band Black Sabbath. In fact, Birmingham is still famous for its lively music scene and people come here specifically to enjoy its variety of musical events. In the world-famous area of the city called the Balti Triangle, one finds excellent restaurants and cultural locations, and for some natural beauty, people head for one of the city's five lush parks.

Airports in and around Birmingham

  • Birmingham International Airport, EGBB
  • Coventry Airport, EGBE
  • Gloucestershire Airport, EGBJ
  • Nottingham Airport, EGBN
  • Manchester Airport, EGCC
  • Robin Hood Doncaster Sheffield Airport, EGCN
  • MoD Boscombe Down Airport, EGDM
  • Cardiff International Airport, EGFF
  • Bristol Airport, EGGD
  • Liverpool John Lennon Airport, EGGP
  • London Luton Airport, EGGW
  • Lasham Airfield, EGHL
  • Farnborough Airport, EGLF
  • Blackbushe Airport, EGLK
  • London Heathrow Airport, EGLL
  • Humberside Airport, EGNJ
  • Leeds Bradford Airport, EGNM
  • Hawarden Airport, EGNR
  • East Midlands Airport, EGNX
  • Cambridge Airport, EGSC
  • London Stansted Airport, EGSS
  • Cranfield Airport, EGTC
  • Oxford (Kidlington) Airport, EGTK
  • DCAE Cosford Air Base, EGWC
  • Leeds East Airport, EGXG