Private Jet Charter Berlin

Germany's capital is a fascinating place to explore. Although much of Berlin's past was destroyed during the Second World War, what has been rebuilt is a constant reminder that good can triumph over evil. And what is left here from before the war has its own special charm, like the Kurfurstendamm, a wide, tree-lined boulevard that was built in the 16th Century and is now lined with shops, cafes and old villas.

Since the Berlin Wall fell in 1989, the city has transformed itself, and historic squares like Pariserplatz and Potsdamerplatz have been restored. But history hasn't been forgotten - underneath Potsdamerplatz is a labyrinth of rooms and passageways including Hitler's Bunker, where he is said to have ended his life. Today the square, once the largest in Europe, is just as popular for its restaurants, shops and movie theatres as for the history that lies beneath it.

Other historic sites include Checkpoint Charlie, the stretch of land between the Berlin Wall and the West, which symbolises the Cold War. And then there's Muhlendamm, or Mill Dam as it's also called. This is the site where the city's original settlers built a road and a bridge so that they could cross the Spree River.

These days, Berlin is a lively, dynamic city, full of hope for the future and joy at its freedom. There is an emerging wealth of talent in art, design and culture, proudly displayed in new buildings, shopping malls and squares around the city. Of course, there is still a reminder of the horror, which you will see when you visit the Jewish Museum and the Berlin Wall. But there's also a willingness to survive, and rebuild, which is so positive and forceful, so full of hope for the future.

Airports in and around Berlin

  • Magdeburg "City" Airport, EDBM
  • Neubrandenburg Airport, EDBN
  • Rothenburg/Görlitz Airport, EDBR
  • Berlin Brandenburg Airport, EDDB
  • Dresden Airport, EDDC
  • Leipzig/Halle Airport, EDDP
  • Flugplatz Zerbst, EDUZ
  • Holzdorf Air Base, ETSH