Private Jet Charter Bangkok

The capital of Thailand, Bangkok is a bustling, exotic wonderland that is both intoxicating and fearsome at the same time. There's the melting heat, the never-ending traffic, the noise and pollution… and then there's the traditional side of this chaotic city, with majestic old temples and canals full of river taxis, long-tailed boats and small rowing boats all carrying an assortment of passengers and goods.

Somehow Bangkok marries its old-fashioned cultural side happily with the more modern. As you enter the heavy traffic, you'll find monks in saffron robes collecting alms amidst the throng of cars taking people to work. Around the corner from modern hotel and office buildings are stilt houses on the river's edge, lived in as they have been for centuries.

But traditional Thai life is never very far away. Weaving among the morning rush hour, saffron-robed monks collect alms, while moments from Bangkok city centre, communities live in stilt houses by the river, eking out a living using centuries-old skills.

The city is a sprawling place, spreading out in every direction. Over it you'll find the new metropolitan railway speeding past and in its midst, an exciting, vibrant, overcrowded place with lots to attract the visitor. Whether you're exploring the Grand Palace or the palace temple called Wat Phra Kaew, which is home to the famous Emerald Buddha, or watching a floating procession of ornately decorated Royal Barges, you're in for a treat.

Bangkok is home to more than 30 temples, as well as the famous Floating Market, all worth exploring in daylight. Then, at night, there are night markets, lively bars and nightclubs… the fun never ends.

Airports in and around Bangkok

  • Don Mueang International Airport, VTBD
  • Kamphaeng Saen Airport, VTBK
  • Suvarnabhumi Airport, VTBS
  • U-Tapao International Airport, VTBU
  • Hua Hin Airport, VTPH