Private Jet Charter Athens

Spreading out from the foot of the ancient Acropolis is the bustling, vibrant city of Athens. Here, Ancient Greek ruins and modern buildings sit shoulder to shoulder and reminders of the ancient civilization are everywhere - from the columns of the once vast Temple of Olympian Zeus to the 6th Century Theatre of Dionysos and the Odeon of Herode Atticus, which dates way back to the 2nd Century. Another Athens landmark is the marble Panathenaic Stadium which was built for the first modern Olympic Games in 1896, and then there's the Plaka with its abundance of restaurants, modern shops and fascinating museums.

Athens has a charm and vibrance that is intoxicating. Whether you're wandering through the maze of narrow winding streets in the Anaflotika quarter or marveling at 400 treasures discovered at the Acropolis that are on display at the New Acropolis Museum, exploring the ancient Acropolis itself, or having your photograph taken at the Temple of Zeus, which took over 700 years to built, you're in for a treat.

Visit the National Archaeological Museum, which is one of the most important museums in the world, and home to an unrivalled collection of items uncovered in archaeological sites throughout Greece. One of the greatest treasures here is a collection of Greek vases and frescoes that were discovered on the island of Santorini.

Of Athens many charming squares, the most interesting is Omonia Square, which is also the oldest in the city. Underneath the square in the Metro station you'll find some old photographs of what Omonia Square looked like in its heyday.

Piraeus has been the port of Athens for over 25 centuries, and it's still the city's major port today. There are a number of attractions to visit here, including the Archaeological Museum of Piraeus, which includes a life-sized statue of Apollo as well as stunning antiquities from the port's history.

Airports in and around Athens

  • Eleftherios Venizelos International Airport, LGAV
  • Elefsis Airport, LGEL
  • Mikonos Airport, LGMK
  • Skiathos Island National Airport, LGSK
  • Tanagra Air Base, LGTG