Private Jet Charter Alicante

Those heading for Spain's spectacular Costa Blanca (the coastline so named because of its magnificent stretches of white sand beaches), often use Alicante as their base. This beautiful Mediterranean city located on the east coast of Spain is distinctly Mediterranean in character. The main road, called the Rambla, is lined with palm trees as well as a number of outdoor cafes and ice cream parlours all offering the local drink called Horchata, which is made with almonds.

You'll find wide esplanades throughout Alicante, as well as seaside promenades where African carvings are sold s souvenirs, giving the city a uniquely African atmosphere as well. Then, in the historic old part of town you'll find a number of Baroque buildings, erected here when the city was a major seaport.

Alicante is famous for its superb weather year round although it's most popular during the sunny summer months, and there are a number of activities available for fun in the sun, including diving, snorkeling, surfing, swimming, scuba diving, paragliding, as well as hiking and mountain biking. A popular attraction is the nearby island of Tabarca. A visit here is like stepping back in time to another era - the island, which boasts a small walled town with a lovely church, is protected and no cars or modern facilities are available.

History buffs can explore a number of fascinating museums, and there's also the Castle of Santa Barbara, right on top of Mount Benacantil, which is one of the largest medieval fortresses in the country.

Airports in and around Alicante

  • Albacete Airport / Los Llanos Air Base, LEAB
  • Alicante International Airport, LEAL
  • San Javier Airport, LELC
  • Alcantarilla Air Base, LERI
  • Valencia Airport, LEVC
  • RegiĆ³n de Murcia International Airport, RMU