Challenger 605 Charter Jet Management


A member of Bombardier’s Challenger 600 family of corporate jets, the Challenger 605 features one of the most advanced cockpits available today. Based on the tried and tested designs of the other Challenger 600 business jets (including the Challenger 600, Challenger 601 and Challenger 604), the Challenger 605 offers larger cabin windows and a wider cabin.

The long flight range offers non-stop flights from Geneva to New York or Los Angeles to New York. Top cruise speeds are mach 0.82, one of the fastest in its class.

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The Challenger cabin is one of the widest available in its class. This makes passengers feel that they are in a large room as apposed to an aircraft cabin. The large windows give excellent exterior vision as well as filling the cabin with natural light.


– Transatlantic  flight range
– Wide cabin with a roomy feel
– Access to the baggage hold during flight
– Modern flight deck with excellent avionics


  • Manufacturer: Bombardier
  • Model: Challenger 605
  • Classification:Long Range Jet
  • Seats: 10
  • Speed: 459 kts
  • Range: 4077 nm
  • Average direct operating cost per flying hour: $2,494 usd
  • Estimated fixed operating cost (pilots, hangar, insurance, training, etc): 
Yearly: $606,800 Monthly: $48,555
Revenue projections based on charter lease back rate: $4,200 usd per flying hour
  Hours per Month Hours per Month Hours per Month Hours per Month
  35 45 55 65
Income $147,000.00 $189,000.00 $231,000.00 $273,000.00
Variable Expenses $87,280.20 $112,217.40 $137,154.60 $162,091.80
Fixed Expenses $48,554.17 $48,554.17 $48,554.17 $48,554.17
Total Estimated Monthly Profit $11,165.63 $28,228.43 $45,291.23 $62,354.03
  • *Maintenance listed in the variable costs section are based on new aircraft from the factory. This amount will fluctuate month-to-month and year-to-year depending on the scheduled maintenance plan from the manufacture.
  • **In-house light and line maintenance is offered at Aero Jet Services by licensed technicians at a labor rate of $80.00 per hours.
  • ***Some costs are based on national averages of “like
  • ****Total profit does not take into consideration debt service or depreciation on the aircraft.
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