Top Spring Break Destinations

With March comes spring and that means spring break for many Americans. Spring vacations are a popular practice among couples, families and single individuals. While destination choices for a great spring break might vary depending on your needs and lifestyle, there is no shortage of great places to visit during a jet charters spring break trip this year. Before you select your jet charters spring break destination, consider a few things. Are you looking for warm temperatures and sunny beach getaway options? Or might you prefer a spring break ski trip this year? You should also think about what types of things you would like to do on your trip, whether you want to relax by a crystal clear swimming pool or enjoy sightseeing at historical or cultural attractions. As you begin asking yourself these questions, your answers will help to guide you in the right direction for planning the perfect spring break trip. If you need ideas for a memorable spring break adventure, here are a few great spring break destinations to visit via private jet charters.

New Orleans, Louisiana

New Orleans is a popular destination all through the year, from Mardi Gras to Jazz Fest and other festivals. New Orleans is a great spring break vacation destination because it has something for everyone. With cultural attractions galore, plus a wild nightlife, you will have plenty to do round the clock. New Orleans isn’t just for partiers either. Families and couples can enjoy many of the beautiful sights and sounds of this historical, southern destination.

Key West, Florida

Speaking of historical southern destinations, another popular spring break vacation option is Key West, Florida. Jimmy Buffet was right about all the things he said about this beautiful, relaxing locale. During a spring break trip to Key West via private jet charters, you will want to visit Duval Street and take in the energy and activity. From art galleries and boutiques to bars and restaurants, there’s plenty to see and enjoy around this area of Key West. Another famous fan of Key West was writer and Nobel Prize winner Ernest Hemingway, who spent more than ten years of his career and life in the area.

Los Angeles, California

For some glamour and possible star sightings, take a spring break vacation to sunny Los Angeles, California. Popular attractions include Disney Land, Venice Beach, and Hollywood. The weather is always beautiful and mild during this time of year in LA. Spring break travelers can enjoy shopping at some of the city’s most exclusive boutiques and stores, as well as a visit to one of the many local art museums or music venues. If you are looking for a unique spring break experience, travel to Los Angeles via private jet charters!

South Padre Island, Texas

If you seek a raucous and rowdy good time for your spring break experience, consider South Padre Island on the southern tip of Texas. Luxurious resort hotels and beautiful sandy beaches are only two of the main attractions of this jet charters destination. The month of March brings spring break crowds to this area, but if your family would like to travel to South Padre for a more low-key experience, it is a beautiful spot to visit during other months.

Captiva Island, Florida

Another island option, although this time one that offers a quieter spring break with more relaxation is Captiva Island, Florida. Nestled in between bustling resorts and jam packed beaches, Captiva Island is a hidden gem. As a spring break destination, Captiva Island allows families, couples or individuals to get away from the daily routine and take a retreat. This area boasts secluded beaches and wildlife to explore. Spring breakers in Captiva usually enjoy collecting seashells, going for a sail around the harbor or visiting the local waterpark for some fun in the sun.

Wickenburg, Arizona

If the beach isn’t your top choice for a spring break getaway, why not consider heading to the desert? Wickenburg, Arizona is home to a genuine old fashioned dude ranch. On your jet charters spring break trip to this location, you will get an inside look at the cowboy life. There are numerous activities to enjoy from swimming, hiking and trail rides. Childcare is available for families so parents can have some time by themselves. A wild western spring break might be just what your family needs! These are just a few vacation options for your jet charters spring break trip. No matter where you decide to go, we can help you get there. Avoid the stress of commercial air travel by flying via private jet charters this spring break season and beyond!