Whether domestic or international, our medical transport is World-Class.

A Complete Bedside-to-Bedside Air Ambulance Service

Angel MedFlight’s exceptional service begins with our Flight Coordination team. When you call, you will speak with a Flight Coordinator dedicated to your specific medical jet transport who will explain every detail and answer any questions you may have about our Bedside-to-Bedside medical transportation services. Our Flight Coordinator will be available to you around the clock from your first call until your transport is concluded and you have been safely delivered to your needed care.

Once on board, we utilize a two-person team on all flights - a Critical Care Nurse and a Critical Care Flight Paramedic. Our clinicians stay by the patient’s side every step of the way. Our One Touch Promise® ensures seamless service and continuity of care from start to finish. Please see the options below for which flight will serve you best.

Air Ambulance

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MEDICAL STAFF Who are experienced critical care nurses, paramedics, and case managers

PROFESSIONAL COORDINATORS Who manage all details of air and ground transportation

FLIGHT CREW Who are specially trained in medical transportation needs

SPECIALTY TEAM Of lawyers, insurance specialists, and staff who take care of it all




Air Ambulance Aircraft Transport Options

Domestic Air Ambulance Transport

Angel MedFlight offers medically-configured air ambulance jets, equipped with a stretcher, advanced life support equipment, medication, and a specialized flight-trained medical crew, to quickly and safely transport patients all over the United States. Our fixed-wing jets are the optimal solution for many patients, as the critically ill or injured often cannot, or should not, be transported by commercial airline, helicopter, or ground ambulance.

International Air Ambulance Transport

People do not choose where they will suffer an injury or become critically ill. Often, these events occur far from appropriate medical care or a patient’s support system. Angel MedFlight offers the same benefits provided through its Domestic Transports to patients who require medical transport to or from healthcare facilities around the world. This includes international flights to return patients home for acute or long-term care, international transport for those who are injured or fall ill while traveling, as well as medical transports for soldiers, military personnel and veterans.

Specialty Care Air Ambulance Transports

Angel MedFlight has the experience, expertise, and equipment to transport patients suffering from virtually any medical condition. We have transported patients with severe burns and wounds, traumatic brain injuries, spinal cord injuries, organ transplant recipients, cardiomyopathy, respiratory illnesses, cancer, and a myriad of other traumatic conditions. We are also able to transport any age patient, beginning with infant and pediatric all the way through patients at an advanced age. We also can provide medical personnel to accompany you on a commercial flight, if that method of transport is medically appropriate for your condition.

Organ Transplant Transport

Our 24/7 operations center is available around the clock even if you or your loved one gets a call in the middle of the night that your organ is available. It’s important to plan ahead – even before getting on an organ national waiting list. The viability of donated organs for transplantation differ dramatically. Angel MedFlight can help plan a transplant medical flight and the insurance coverage process in advance. Our patient advocates have comprehensive experience with transplant coordination and organ transplant health insurance coverage.


Contact a Flight Coordinator Now

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Lindsay's Story

There I was: lying in a hospital bed, barely coherent, trying to maintain consciousness in between seizures long enough to understand what my doctor was saying.

"It's time for hospice."


Claims Process

Angel MedFlight submits a claim to health insurance to limit the out-of-pocket cost of a medical flight. Our team advocates on behalf of our patients – at no additional cost – to ensure benefits are rightfully applied to your service.


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Our dedicated team coordinates every detail and our award-winning medical crew is at your side every step of the way

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