Professional Aircraft Management by Aero Jet Services (AJS)

Aircraft flight departments and operations can be time consuming, high risk and a liability if not properly managed.

Enjoy the benefits of owning a private jet.  Focus on important areas of business and let the  experienced and knowledgeable management team at Aero Jet Services handcraft a professional aircraft managment program, tailored to the individual needs of any aircraft owner scenario.

Experience a name you can trust!

Ask us about our unique approach to private aviation services with no management fees or mark up!

With over 20 years experience, fully-staffed management, maintenance, sales and flight departments, and a flexible and friendly “you-first” attitude, Aero Jet Services will be the best decision you ever made.

The Aaby family and AJS team will provide you:

  • Program flexibility – Unlike most other companies, AJS builds your management program around you and your needs, not ours.


  • Over 100 years of combined aviation management experience and operation with industry leading safety initiatives and ratings including ARG/US Gold safety, Wyvern Wingman and ISBAO Stage II.Significant experience in remote aircraft and maintenance management
    • Your own fully-staffed flight department, available 24/7, for flight scheduling, dispatching and concierge services.
    • Access to fleet aircraft at discounted rates.
    • Revenue generation through Part 135 charter operation to reduce cost of ownership (optional)
    • Pilot sourcing, training, management and compliance well-seasoned, expert maintenance team
    • Transference of operational liability through Part 135 operation
    • Aircraft and operation compliance (FAA, financial, etc.)
    • Cost reduction via group-rate insurance, negotiated hangar pricing and fuel program discounts
    • Aircraft navigational data management, cleaning, stocking and any special request
    • Opportunity for significant tax reduction
    • Detailed financial and operational reporting
    • Access to the the largest network of private jets in the world.
    • Other services include: aircraft maintenance, modification, brokerage, financing and consultation services
    • A transparent, long-term business relationship
    • Fair and reasonable pricing


    So take the first step in making aircraft ownership more convenient and less costly today by having business jet partner that can develop a management proposal specifically for you.




    Call our management team for more information at 480-922-7441. Experience the difference. Be part of our family!