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Emergency Medical Services

Aero Jet Services provides a full spectrum of air transportation services, from private air medical escort to full critical care and specialty medicine. Utilizing only the most cutting-edge equipment and our most experienced flight crew, Aero Jet Services prides ourselves on ensuring quality and safety to each patient. With multiple aircraft bases in Arizona, Florida and Texas, Aero Jet Services is also able to match the most appropriate aircraft and level of medical care to meet the patient’s specific needs.

Air Ambulance

Everyday hundreds of critically ill and injured patients rely on air ambulance services for emergency and non-emergency air medical transportation while traveling distances abroad or away from home. Air medical services are used when a traditional ambulance cannot provide an advanced level of care required or the patient needs to be transported over a distance or terrain that makes air transportation services the most practical, often requiring an higher level of specialized care. Air ambulance patients, especially those needing emergency medical services, usually require ventilation assistance, oxygen supplementation, IV fluid and/or medication administration.

Private Air Medical Escort

Some patients can qualify for this service if the patient does not require a complete recline and or restricted ambulation and has been medically cleared by our medical director. Aero Jet Services can provide in flight care for this select consisting of oxygen, monitored sedation and pain management.

Aero Jet Services  Pilots, Mechanics, & Flight Coordinators each play a vital role to deliver your loved one to their final destination in a comfortable and safe manner.  Each of these aviation professionals attend rigorous training specific to the air medical environment.

We are backed by over two decades of experience, and have flights available to locations domestic and worldwide. Contact us today for more information!

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