Before you charter a private jet with Aero Jet Service (or any other firm) here are some important questions you should ask:

  • Does your Charter Provider operate aircraft under its own FAA Air Carrier Certificate?
  • Aero Jet Services has over 19 years of experience operating under its own FAA Air Carrier Certificate with worldwide capabilities.


  • Does the Charter Provider employ their pilots and are they professionally trained by Simuflite™ or Flight Safety International™?
  • Aero Jet Services pilots are all trained at either Simuflite™ or Flight Safety International™. These two companies provide the most advanced training available, assuring our clients the highest standards in safety.


  • What steps does your Charter Provider take for your safety and security?
  • Aero Jet Services provides security that meets all of the TSA (Transportation Safety Administration) requirements for air carriers.


  • Does your Charter Provider offer discounts for multiple charter hours?
  • Aero Jet Services offers discounts off the retail flight hour rate for a commitment of twenty hours or more.