Vancouver Jet Charter

Vancouver Jet CharterLocated in British Columbia, Canada Vancouver is the eighth largest Canadian city as well as the 2nd largest in the Pacific Northwest region of North America. Known as one of the most livable cities worldwide, Vancouver is home to many major corporations and industries, making it a truly international city. Vancouver is also known for its relatively moderate climate within Canada, making it a popular destination for outdoor aficionados and sports fans. In fact, Vancouver, and its world famous ski resort Whistler, hosted the 2010 Winter Olympics, with its diverse topography and robust infrastructure making it ideal to host the thousands of athletes and tourists that flocked to the city. Vancouver is also a major film and television production center, with many major motion pictures utilizing the urban setting and the local forests, mountains and water for ideal filming locations. As such, Vancouver has been dubbed “Hollywood North”, a distinction that it has earned with its almost century old history of supporting the motion picture arts. Vancouver is the ideal location for business and recreation, making it a popular destination for travelers worldwide. A true gem of a city, there are thousands of reasons to visit Vancouver, Canada at any time of the year.

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