Barbados Jet Charter

Barbados Jet Charter With a size of only 166 square miles, Barbados is a small sovereign island country in the Lesser Antilles area of the Caribbean. Originally founded by the Spanish, but officially a British colony, Barbados like many Caribbean islands has a rich history that is seen in the buildings, food and even people. Barbados has a tropical climate, and therefore has both a wet and dry season neither of which tend to dip below 70 degrees. In fact, in both seasons, the temperature generally remain between 70 and 80 degrees year round, making it perfect for water and other outdoor sports. Some of the more popular activities for both Barbadians and visitors to the island include cricket, horse racing, polo and golf. As a popular tourist destination for vacationers worldwide, Barbados is home to 5 star hotels such as Sandy Lane and the Coral Reef Club. These hotels are world-renowned and cater to tourists looking to experience the epitome of luxury and hospitality.

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