Jet Charter Safety


The most important aspect of any aircraft operation is safety. At Aero Jet Services, safety is our number one priority.

At Aero Jet Services, every aspect of our private charter flight operations revolve around our commitment to safety. Our industry-leading safety programs and private jet management services consistently exceed established industry standards for private jet safety to provide customers with an aviation experience that is always safe and secure.

Our management team is led by aviation veterans with decades of experience meeting the rigorous private jet safety standards utilized by the major airlines. The importance they have placed on safety standards and processes is reflected in the culture of safety that has become a way of life for every member of the Aero Jet team.

Private Jet Charter Safety

Aero Jet Services is the only Aircraft Charter company in the world using OSPAT.

Having this program as part of our Safety Management System gives passengers a high level of confidence that an individual is actually fit for duty and gives us the opportunity to address an individual’s fitness when it is questionable.

Industry-Leading Private Jet Safety Initiatives

ARG/US Rated – After an in-depth research process, ARGUS awards their Gold Rating standards to aircraft operators who have exceeded the standards of certain control groups with similar experiences and histories. Essentially a gold rating from ARGUS means that an aircraft operator either meets or exceeds the median safety standards (currently and historically) of operators with similar exposures.

Gold-Plus Rating – Operators assigned this rating have met the requirements for a gold rating and passed an ARGUS Gold-Plus standards audit within the past 24 months or they are IS-BAO (International Standard for Business Aircraft Operations) Stage 1 registered.


Proud Wyvern Wingman Operator

Wyvern Wingman Operator – Wyvern Recommended Operators comply with The Wyvern Standard™—a leading audit standard developed in cooperation with the most sophisticated and demanding corporate flight departments in the world that far exceeds the regulatory requirements for air charter flight operations and maintenance.

Compliance with the standard is demonstrated by successful completion of an on-site safety audit on a two year audit cycle.


The International Standard for Business Aircraft Operations (ISBAO) – ISBAO was formally introduced by the International Business Aviation Council (IBAC) and made available to the business aviation community at the European Business Aviation Conference and Exhibit (EBACE) in Geneva, Switzerland in May 2002.

ISBAO was developed by the business aviation industry for the benefit of all corporate and private operators. It is a code of best practices based on the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) International Standards and Recommended Practices and is designed to help business aviation operational departments worldwide achieve a high level of safety and professionalism. Aero Jet Services. has qualified for ISBAO registration.


Safety Management System – 
The business aviation Safety Management System (SMS) is a quality management approach to controlling flight-related risks. Aviation SMS programs provide accessible tools for monitoring safety-related processes.  Aero Jet Services has developed its own Safety Management System, we are the first and only operator in the world using OSPAT (Occupational Safety Performance Assessment Technology).

OSPAT is a fast, effective and reliable method for detecting the cognitive impairment of an individual. The system is the first checkpoint for employees at the commencement of their working shift and is combined with a company’s occupational health and safety system that can also be integrated with security access systems. OSPAT provides a high level of confidence that an individual is indeed fit for work.


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