Part 135 Aircraft Management

Are you an owner of a private aircraft that would like to offset the annual fixed cost to operate your aircraft?

Aero Jet Services is a holder of a Part 135 Charter Certificate, which is also known as an air carrier certificate.  and operate private jets that are owned by other businesses and individuals.

Those choosing to partner with Aero Jet Services can rest assured that their aircraft will be meticulously maintained and well taken care of. Additionally, Aero Jet Services can work on your behalf, negotiating the best rates available for everything including insurance, hangar arrangements, fuel, and parts and labor. By allowing Aero Jet Services to manage your private jet, you can maximize the benefits of ownership, all while offsetting your costs. With Aero Jet Services, your aircraft will spend more time in the air earning revenue, and less time sitting on the tarmac!

We are backed by over 20 years of experience, and have worked with private jet owners around the world to market and manage their aircraft.

Call us at 1.800.582.3641 and learn about the many benefits of partnering with the most trusted name in private aviation.